We Respect Our Drivers

We offer TLC cars for rent. If you don’t want to be just a number with the big guys then come be a part of our family. Rent from a company where the CEO knows just what it’s like on the road from driving long hard hours with every ride sharing app in NYC at the same time: Uber, Juno, VIA, Lyft.

Why Rent From Us?

  1. Organized & Structured: You will receive a payment sheet with all of your information that’s updated in real time every week via Dropbox. Immediate text notifications on when your payment is due, any accrued late fees, and maintenance for the car. 
  2. Available 24/7/365 with Immediate & Fast Response to calls, messages, and emails. You will be treated with a High level of Respect: Always a Please and a Thank You. 
  3. Excellent & Developed relationships with Mechanics in every borough in New York for oil change, maintenance, and repairs.

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